Author: Gene Harvey

The Madness that was UFC 223

The past week has been full on for the UFC, unfortunately for all of the wrong reasons. Some of the incidents that took place made it onto the mainstream news in Australia. It’s always a surreal feeling watching the sport of MMA be covered on Sunrise. However, there is much more to the story then what was being covered (which was primarily the bus attack). So strap in to relive the madness that was UFC 223.

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UFC 222 – What we learned…

Here we look back at the recent UFC event and dive into what we now know moving forward after the event. Let’s begin…

Cyborg is undoubtedly the greatest female fighter in the history of MMA.

But this was something we already knew. Gina Carano was the first women’s fighter to put the sport on the map with the perfect blend of beauty outside of the cage and ferocity inside of it.

Ronda Rousey took that to the next level as she ran through the women’s bantamweights in the UFC collecting arms for her trophy cabinet. Both are pioneers of the sport, however ran into hurdles with brutal losses to top contenders with styles that the casual MMA fan already had questions about.

Cyborg is yet to run into her hurdle. Not only is she yet to run into her hurdle, but she looks better and better with every performance. There were brief moments of challenge with the Invicta Bantamweight Champion Kunitskaya taking her to the ground, however Cyborg was able to easily get to her feet and find the TKO finish late in the first round.

Only one challenge looms for Cyborg in the UFC – current UFC Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes. Both possess the power, striking and pressure to put on an amazing fight for as long as it would last. With Cyborg having a few more tools in her tool belt in the wrestling and Ju-Jitsu game, it could be interesting to see how she would approach this fight. Hopefully it gets put together for the middle of the year.

Brian Ortega is the real deal

I have been a little hesitant to get on the T-city bandwagon. He has shown phenomenal Ju-Jitsu against opponents that he was clearly levels above. Slowly but surely his striking began to improve, but still not to the level of the top featherweights in the division – the likes of an Aldo, Stephens or Holloway.

His first impressive performance that caught my eye was against ‘Killer’ Cub Swanson, when he caught him in a standing guillotine. If you want to see a man tapping with what appeared to be his life flashing before his eyes then I suggest looking it up! He was able to negate the striking ability of Swanson and looked very comfortable in the exchanges.

At UFC 222 we were given something even more spectacular. He was able to breeze past the small flurries of a very busy Edgar to time a beautiful left elbow in a messy exchange to daze the veteran. In his daze, T-city was able to land one of the most brutal uppercuts I have witnessed in a long time to put Edgar out for the first time in his UFC career.

Before moving on, I must say that my heart broke for Frankie Edgar. He was supposed to be fighting for the Featherweight Championship that night and due to an injury to the champion Max Holloway, he took the risk to fight an up and coming contender. In a win-lose situation he lost big. This does now set up a fight between two young, fantastic featherweights for the belt later this year that I personally cannot wait for.

The future  could  be bright

Brian Ortega was not the only rising star the UFC gave the opportunity to shine at UFC 222. The young Ju-Jitsu whiz kid of Mackenzie Dern got the nod by split decision over a very game Ashley Yoder. We also had the exciting Sean O’Malley win by decision in what was later awarded fight of the night honours. I did preface this though by saying that the future ‘could’ be bright.

Although the UFC are banking on these two becoming megastars, they both displayed areas in which immediate addressing is required. Dern could not get the fight were she needed it. Against a relative unknown in Yoder she was unable to get the single leg takedown that she so desperately appeared to need. With the misses came wild exchanges from Dern that made her striking look like something you would see out the front of a busy MacDonald’s once the night club had closed. Dern did get Yoder to the mat for a few moments and looked like a python – however this moment was brief. She is an expert on the ground, she needs to find a way to get the fight there or else her UFC career will be short lived.

On the other hand, we were treated to the beginning of the ‘Sugar’ era in the coming out party for Sean O’Malley! The kid reminds me of a young Jon Jones – long and rangy for the division with all the striking flair in the world. He was putting all of his tricks out there for the world to see and I must say I enjoyed what I saw. It was not perfection. Connor McGregor famously said after his knockout of Aldo that precision beats power and timing beats speed. Sugar looked fast and powerful, however the strikes were not landing as cleanly as he would have liked. He needs to slow it down just a tad and be more selective with his strikes. If not, he will run into any of the top 15 bantamweights and run into a lot of issues.

Side Note – his opponent Andre Soukhamthath will forever have the title of ‘dumbest’ UFC fighter after deciding to take O’Malley down with two minutes left in the fight when he clearly could not stand on an injured foot. If Andre had stood up and the referee could see that O’Malley had a broken foot and could not stand then he would have been awarded the win. But alas, he did not and the Sugar train rolls on. I look forward to seeing what we get next with all of the young blood in the UFC!