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Man I hate the Yankees

As the Major League Baseball season approaches, one thing is abundantly clear: The Yankees want it bad this year.

Last year they had a Rookie have one of the best Rookie seasons in years. Aaron Judge could potentially give the Home Runs per season record a shake in his second year in the majors. Then they had Gary Sanchez, who is almost as impressive as Judge. Jacoby Ellsbury is as solid as anyone getting on base, and is a handy stealer. Brett Gardner can hit them out of the park, and Didi Gregorious at short. It was an impressive lineup.

Their pitchers were very strong, too. Tanaka, Chapman, Sabathia, Betances, Gray, to name a few.

So what do they go and do? Go and buy Giancarlo Stanton. He hit 59 homers last year.

As a Red Sox fan, the only saving grace is that we have a great team this year, and the Yankees would be considered a failure if they don’t win 100+ games as well as making it to late October.

But in reality, I foresee the Red Sox having to get to the playoffs via the Wild Card.